Kindergarten Diagnostic Instrument | Second Edition

The KDI-2 is a comprehensive and time efficient screening instrument designed to assess
developmental readiness skills.

Author: Daniel C. Miller, Ph.D.
Age Range: 4 – 6 years
Administration Time: 35 minutes
Publication Date: 2000
Distributed By: Schoolhouse Educational Services

Developmental Readiness Skills Assessed by the KDI-2

Body Awareness – visual-motor skills and knowledge of body parts

  • Concept Mastery – knowledge of basic kindergarten concepts
  • Form/Letter Identification – knowledge of shape names & letter identification skills
  • General Information – ability to recall basic information from memory
  • Gross Motor – large muscle coordination
  • Memory for Sentences – short-term auditory memory
  • Number Skills – knowledge of basic math skills
  • Phonemic Awareness – phonemic awareness skills
  • Verbal Associations – language-based reasoning skills
  • Visual Discrimination – visual discrimination skills
  • Visual Memory – visual memory skills
  • Visual-Motor Integration – eye-hand coordination, drawing ability, & visual-spatial skills
  • Vocabulary – knowledge of word meanings

My Kindergarten Fun Book, 2nd Edition

My Kindergarten Fun Book-2 is a take-home book for parents and children that contains learning games and activities designed to help children develop kindergarten readiness skills. After a KDI-2 assessment is completed, My Kindergarten Fun Book-2 can be used in a prescriptive fashion to encourage practice in the skills needing improvement.

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