Haak Sentence Completion, Second Edition (Haak-2)

Haak-2 provides important information about the examinee that objective measures do not.

Authors: Cecil R. Reynolds & Ronald B. Livingston
Age Range: 5 – 20 years
Format: Online app and printable forms
Forms: Response Forms and Organizational Forms for ages 5-13 and ages 14-20
Number of Items: 100
Completion Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Publication Date: 2021
Published By: Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc.

The Haak-2 is a cognitively oriented sentence completion task where in examinees complete a sentence stem with their own thoughts. The Haak-2 provides a deeper understanding of the thought processes of children and youth and how they react emotionally and cognitively to their world. The online app uses the Haak-2’s organizational structure to re-group the item responses automatically into broad areas of interest for analysis and interpretation. These groups include school, authority, peers, self, emotions, needs, and aspirations among others. The Haak-2 is ideal for use with special education students, other disabled populations such as persons with ED, ASD, ADHD, and others for whom their feelings and emotions may be interfering with their daily functioning. The Haak-2 is also useful in determining proper therapeutic approaches and for moving beyond therapeutic plateaus for those already receiving treatment.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be part of a comprehensive assessment
  • Complements objective behavior rating scales
  • Can be administered orally or in writing
  • Complements the clinical interview
  • Provides behavioral and affective information
  • Useful for counseling and therapy
  • Manual provides in-depth interpretative guidance
  • Manual provides guidance on how to use with several disabled populations
  • Six case studies detailed in the Manual
  • Helps examinees reveal concerns that direct assessment does not
  • Every item has the potential to become a critical item
  • Adds depth to interpretation of objective personality and behavioral scales
  • Can guide examiners to more effective, acceptable treatment approaches based on the needs of the individual examinee


Free Haak-2 Introductory Webinar – New
View 32-minute free webinar by Haak-2 author, Cecil Reynolds
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