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Risk Identification Suicide Kit (RISK)

The recently released RISK 2 introduces an empirically based multilevel approach to suicide risk assessment by providing an interview component that includes a guided verbal response self-report, an ambivalence status assessment of Protective Factors and Reasons to Die/Live, and a 10-item suicide specific questionnaire. Identifying consistencies as well as discrepancies among the three levels of verbal self-reporting allows for greater congruency and clarity in estimating suicide risk level.
Author: Robert C. Schmidt, D.Ed.
Purpose: Provide a structured evaluation of current suicidal thoughts and behaviors
Ages: 7 – 24

Sections of the RISK 2 Assessment

Section 1: Demographics

Section 2: Parent/Guardian Contact

Section3: Interview (Scoring begins with questions 2 &3)
Gain an understanding of precipitating events leading to recent/past suicidal thoughts.Includes two weighted scorable questions querying aggression and mood stability.

Section 4: Protective Factors/Ambivalence Status Scale
The Ambivalence Status Scale is used to measure the youth’s reasons for wanting to live or wanting to die in addition to identifying protective factors.

Section 5: Assessing for Suicide (10 questions)
This has 10 weighted suicide specific questionnaire items. This section reviews: current,recent, and past suicidal ideation as measured by questions focusing on perceived stress; psychological pain; hopelessness, prior/recent thoughts of killing self; prior/recent attempts to kill self; thinking about killing self or wishes to be dead; plan of where, when, and how this would happen; accessing materials or means to carry out plan; direct question, do you want to die (kill yourself); and recent experimentation with drugs/alcohol.

Section 6: Suicide Risk Level Score Total
There are 12 scorable items resulting in a range between 0 and 27; scores between 17-27 are identified as Imminent Risk, scores between 10-16 are identified as High/Moderate Risk, and scores between 0-9 are identified as Low Risk. Suggested staff actions are provided for each RISK level.

Section 7: Parent/Guardian Contact Documentation

Section 8: Documentation/Staff Recommendations

Section 9: Mental Status Exam

Published: 2016

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