Reynolds Dyslexia Risk Assessment (RDRA)

Identifies dyslexia risk in ages 4 – 7

Authors: Cecil R. Reynolds & Rebecca Gerhardstein Nader
Age Range: 4 through 7 years
Format: Online rating scale with optional printed forms
Forms: Parent and Teacher; ages 4-5 and 6-7
Number of Items: 40-57
Completion Time: 8-10 minutes
Publication Date: 2020
Published By: Schoolhouse Educational Services
Qualification Level B

Qualification Level: B Click For More Qualification Level Information


The Reynolds Dyslexia Risk Assessment (RDRA) is a screening measure assessing the risk of having or developing Dyslexia or a related reading disorder. It is not a standalone diagnostic instrument, but rather the RDRA is designed to locate children who require more extensive assessment in reading acquisition and also to indicate children who are progressing appropriately and do not require more intensive attention. The RDRA makes identification programs in reading disability more efficacious and cost-effective.

The RDRA consists of two norm-referenced parent or care-giver rating scales (ages 4-5, 47 items; ages 6-7, 40 items) and a two norm-referenced teacher rating scales (ages 4-5, 56 items; ages 6-7, 57 items) that are easily completed by a knowledgeable rater in 10 minutes or less. The scales are normed for application with children ages 4 years, 0 months through 7 years, 11 months, and 30 days. Results are provided in terms of a risk classification where a rated child falls into an elevated risk category, indicating he/she requires a more detailed assessment, or a child falls into an average or less than average level of risk of developing Dyslexia or a related reading disorder. Children who are behind other children in the development of pre-reading skills due to lack of educational opportunity or other reasons will also be identified for follow up.

Author, Cecil R. Reynolds, introduces and overviews the RDRA in this free 26-minute webinar.

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