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Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery – WCAB

A new speech articulation test designed for computerized administration allows testing examinees in a remote location.

With Zoom, Google Meet, and similar platforms the examinee in the remote location views only the WCAB examinee stimuli while you administer the WCAB from the examiner screen.

For example, in the split screen below the examinee sees only the image of the pig while the examiner is administering and scoring the test from the screen on the left.

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image telepractice testing Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery

Benefits to Using the WCAB in Your Telepractice

  • It is designed for computerized administration.
  • It is easy to use with Zoom and similar platforms.
  • You score responses directly on your computer.
  • Immediate report with no additional scoring or coding.
  • No phonetic transcription required.
  • Report includes articulation error matrix and recommendations.
  • Report includes suggestions for parents to implement at home.
  • Both norm-referenced scores and criterion-referenced information.
  • Has screener, comprehensive, and adaptive testing options.
  • Very cost effective.

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  • No annual license fees.
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Woodcock Camarata Articulation Battery (WCAB)

Innovative Computerized Assessment of Articulation and Intelligibility

The Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery (WCAB) is a significant advance over previous articulation scales. Innovative features include computerized adaptive testing and a unique scoring method that replaces the need for phonetic transcription.

Unlike other articulation scales, the WCAB allows clinicians to choose the type of testing that fits their needs—and the needs of their patients. When a comprehensive assessment is needed, Test 1-Diagnostic Speech Articulation includes word level, syllable level and isolated production of phonemes. Test 2-Word Intelligibility can be used to evaluate word level production within a few minutes. Test 3-Isolated Phonemes can be administered when a clinician wishes to assess isolated phoneme production exclusively. All three tests produce scores on a patient’s developmental level (age equivalent), proficiency (relative mastery index), and standing in a group (percentile rank or standard score). These scores and the complete WCAB report with recommendations and articulation matrix are available as soon as testing is completed.

Adaptive testing is another useful exclusive feature of the computer assisted WCAB. The clinician can select Adaptive mode in any of the three tests. The computer program will then automatically select the test items that focus on a patient’s mastery level and standing (percentile and standard score). There is no need to administer all the items in a test when the purpose of the assessment is to determine functional level. In addition to the Adaptive mode, all three tests offer a “Complete” mode which will administer all items in the test. Test 1 also includes a “Standard” mode which administers all word level items and, subsequently, syllables and phonemes associated with any incorrectly pronounced words.

Finally, the WCAB does not require phonetic transcription. The clinician is free to focus attention on whether the items were produced accurately and then enter a “1” when an item is correct or a “0” when an error is detected. The computer tallies these responses to provide an articulation matrix that identifies the errors and provides a list of suggested recommendations. The clinician can then edit the recommendations based on her or his impressions of patient needs. The articulation matrix and suggested recommendations are produced by the WCAB program within seconds after the testing is completed. There is no need for time consuming hand scoring or looking up and transferring raw data from tables to the articulation matrix.”


Authors: Richard Woodcock, Stephen Camarata, Mary Camarata
Ages: Norms for ages 2 – 90 years
Format: Computerized administration, scoring, and reports
Administration Time: 10 – 30 minutes depending on the administration mode
Content: More than 71 phonemes including including consonants, vowels and blends
Scores: Diagnostic Articulation, Word Intelligibility, Isolated Phonemes

Key Features

  • In-depth assessment in a short period of time
  • No need to listen for individual targeted phonemes within whole words
  • Identifies proficiency, error patterns, and treatment options
  • Examinee views stimuli on an auxiliary monitor
  • No internet access necessary to administer and generate report
  • Immediate test report that includes diagnostic implications and recommendations
  • Norm-referenced scores with developmental ages
  • Individualized administration: Screener and full battery options
    Optional computerized adaptive testing

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