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Innovative Assessment Instruments for Psychologists, Speech Therapists, and Educators

Schoolhouse Educational Services publishes innovative psychoeducational assessment products for psychologists, educators, speech therapists, and related professionals. We also offer books, laminated guides, assessment training, and intervention materials designed to improve children’s learning, memory, cognitive, and social-emotional functioning.

December Featured Assessment Tools – Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery

FREE Woodcock-Camerata Articulation Battery Trial

Includes three free WCAB administrations!

Instructions for downloading and using the WCAB Free Trial

  1. At the bottom of the page that opens, click “Run.”
  2. Tell your virus protection program to allow the download.
  3. Install it and open the test.
  4. When it asks for a product key, click “Evaluate Product without Registration.”
  5. Instructions for using the test are in the WCAB Brief Guide under the Help menu.

August 2019 Schoolhouse Educational Services Newsletter

Training Workshop on Using PSW to Identify SLD When: October 3, 2019Where: Waco, Texas Dr. Dehn will present on his Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) model for the identification of specific learning disabilities (SLD). The workshop focuses on recommended...

New updates to the Memory Process Analyzer

Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc. Announces Updated Version of the MPA Updated Recommended Reading List and Laminate Guides For Phone and PO orders also updated Press Release: April 3, 2019 La Crosse, WI Author Dr. Milton Dean Version 3.14 is now available for...

January 2019 Newsletter By Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc.

Schoolhouse Educational Services Unlocking Potential With Innovative Solutions New Memory Processes Analyzer (MPA) 3.0 Software for use with multi-battery assessment Identifies the specific type of memory impairment Identifies strengths and weaknesses across 13...

Learn About the WCAB with Author Stephen Camarata

Schoolhouse Educational Services, in conjunction with authors Richard Woodcock, Stephen Camarata and Mary Camarata, is releasing a new product at the ASHA Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

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For over forty years, Dr. Milton Dehn has been innovating and gathering innovators for the sole purpose of finding ways to educate children better.

This store focused on providing educators and school psychologists, the tools necessary to test and assess for cognitive dysfunctions in children.

Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc. offers a broad spectrum of tests, assessments, and reports that qualified educators and school professionals can apply to help students who may need a little extra help.


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