KDI-2 Nu Scoring Program Windows License


KDI2SPWINLIC | KDI-2 Nu Scoring Program (Product #2000-2050)

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KDI2SPWINLIC | KDI-2 Nu Scoring Program (Product #2000-2050)

This new user-friendly scoring software works on both Mac and Windows, including Windows 10. The software is downloaded from the internet onto the user’s computer. There is no scoring CD and internet access is not required when using the software. After entering the child’s number of correct items for each administered subtest, the software immediately computes percentiles and T scores and generates a color-coded graph of the scores. Student scores can be saved individually or added to an Excel formatted database that comes with the software. Click here to view a Sample Report.

Key Features

  • A database software program that stores records, prints reports, and uses standardization sample or user-generated norms.
  • Compatible with Windows™ 7/8/10