Kindergarten Fun Book-2 (25 qty)


2000-3000 | My Kindergarten Fun Books (2nd Edition)™
My Kindergarten Fun Books-2 are sold in packages of 25

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2000-3000 | My Kindergarten Fun Book (2nd Edition)™ (25 qty)

My Kindergarten Fun Book-2 (25 qty) is a take-home book for parents and children that contains learning games and activities designed to help children develop kindergarten readiness skills.  After assessment, My Kindergarten Fun Book-2 can be used in a prescriptive fashion to encourage practice in the skills needing improvement.

Key Features

  • This is the prescriptive portion of the test.
  • The “Fun Book" contains over 90 learning activities related to the KDI-2 areas.
  • The purpose of the “Fun Book” is to give parents and teachers a low cost set of prescriptive activities related to developmental readiness.
  • The profile of the child’s strengths and weaknesses is copied onto the back of My Kindergarten Fun Book- 2.
  • My Kindergarten Fun Books-2 are sold in packages of 25.