KDI-2 NU Administration Manual


2000-1900 | Complete KDI-2 NU Manual

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2000-1900 | KDI-2 NU Administration Manual

The KDI-2 is a comprehensive and time efficient screening instrument designed to assess developmental readiness skills in children ages 4-6.

The KDI-2 assesses developmental readiness across 13 areas:

  • Body Awareness – assesses visual-motor skills and knowledge of body parts.
  • Concept Mastery – assesses knowledge of basic kindergarten concepts.
  • Form/Letter Identification - assesses knowledge of shape names and letter identification skills.
  • General Information – assesses ability to recall basic information from memory.
  • Gross Motor – assesses large muscle coordination.
  • Memory for Sentences – assesses short-term auditory memory.
  • Number Skills – assesses knowledge of basic math skills.
  • Phonemic Awareness – assesses emerging phonemic awareness skills.
  • Verbal Associations – assesses language-based reasoning skills.
  • Visual Discrimination – assesses visual discrimination skills.
  • Visual Memory – assesses visual memory skills.
  • Visual-Motor Integration – assesses eye-hand coordination, drawing ability, and visual-spatial skills.
  • Vocabulary – assesses knowledge of word meanings.

Key Features

  • Three Stimulus Booklets: Concept Mastery/Number Skills Stimulus Booklet with easel, Visual Discrimination/Visual Memory Stimulus Booklet with easel, and Form Letter Identification / Visual-Motor Integration Stimulus Booklet.
  • 25 Student Response Booklets.
  • Administration Manual with standardization sample norms.
  • Thirteen 1” wooden blocks for Number Skills.
  • Canvas Carrying Case.