Child and Adolescent Memory Profile (ChAMP)

Authors: Elisabeth M.S. Sherman, PhD and Brian L. Brooks, PhD
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Purpose: Assess visual and verbal memory in children, adolescents, and young adults
Ages: 5-21 years
Administration: Individual
Published: 2014
Forms: Screener and full battery
Administration Time: 10 – 40 minutes

  • Screening
  • Total Memory
  • Visual Memory
  • Verbal Memory
  • Immediate Memory
  • Delayed Memory

Features and Benefits

  • Based on the latest neuroscience research on human memory.
  • Brief and easy to administer yet comprehensive: covers core verbal, visual, immediate, and delayed memory domains with only four subtests.
  • Uses common, real-life scenarios and colorful, developmentally appropriate stimuli that are engaging and relevant to young examinees.
  • No motor response required.
  • Focused on learning—each of the four subtests has multiple learning trials.
  • A built-in validity indicator alerts the clinician to potentially invalid scores.
  • Includes discrepancy scores, reliable change scores, a base rate analysis of low scores, and a strengths and weaknesses analysis.
  • Provides intervention recommendations for both home and school.
  • Standardized on a national U.S. sample of 1,200.
  • Includes a clinical sample of 200.
  • Supported by strong evidence of reliability and validity.

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