Feifer Assessment of Writing (FAW)

The FAW is a diagnostic achievement test designed to examine the underlying cognitive, motoric, and linguistic processes that support proficient written language skills. It joins the FAR and the FAM as the third and final member of the Feifer Family of diagnostic achievement test batteries, all of which examine subtypes of learning disabilities using a brain–behavior perspective.

Author: Steven G. Feifer, D.Ed.
Purpose: Assess written language skills to help diagnose written language disorders
Ages: Pre-K to College
Administration: Individual
Published: 2020
Forms: Screener and full battery
Administration Time: 15 – 65 minutes
Number of Subtests: 13
Qualification Level B

Qualification Level: B Click For More Qualification Level Information



  • Graphomotor
  • Dyslexic
  • Executive
  • Compositional Writing
  • FAW Total

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to measure three subtypes of written language disorders.
  • Can be used as a general screening of dysgraphia.
  • Provides qualitative information about a student’s writing skills, including a skills analysis.
  • Screening forms, ideal for progress monitoring, are also available.
  • Reliable change and discrepancy scores can be calculated.
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