Neuropsychology Reference Bundle Special – Laminated Guides


LAMABUNDLE1 Special Four-Pack Sale Bundle of Neuropsychology Laminated Reference Guides

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Neuropsychology Fundamentals For Educators - Laminated Guide

SKU NEOFUNGUIDE | Reference guide provides educators with important information about brain structures and functions highly related with achievement and academic performance.


Integrated School Neuropsychology | CHC Conceptual Model - Laminated Guide

SKU ISNCHCLG | Laminated guide provides overview of Dr. Dan Miller’s Integrated School Neuropsychology/Cattell-Horn-Carrol (CHC) Conceptual Model.


The Neurodevelopmental Model of Assessment and Intervention - Laminated Guide

SKU NEURDEVLAM | The Neurodevelopmental Model of Assessment and Intervention


Working Memory In The Classroom - Laminated Guide

SKU WMGUIDELAM | Handy four-page reference guide packed with valuable information on working memory for teachers, parents and psychologists.


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  • Neuropsychology Fundamentals for Educators by Steven G. Feifer
  • Integrated School Neuropsychology/CHC Conceptual Model by Dr. Dan Miller
  • Neurodevelopmental Model of Evaluation and Intervention by Elaine Fletcher-Janzen
  • Working Memory in the Classroom by Dr. Milton J. Dehn

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