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New Essentials of Processessing Assessment 3rd Edition By Dr. Milton J. Dehn

Essentials of Processing Assessment Third Edition

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Essentials of Processing Assessment, 3rd Ed. provides a systematic framework for planning, conducting, and interpreting an assessment of psychological processes, particularly from a pattern-of strengths-and-weaknesses (PSW) perspective. This highly practical guide reviews key cognitive processing theories, describes how to apply a PSW model for specific learning disability (SLD) identification, and presents detailed information on the evaluation of 14 psychological processes and their relation to academic achievement.

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Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing, 2nd Ed.

The CTOPP has been widely adopted by professionals in psychology and education. It has been used in many studies of reading and phonological processing in both typical and clinical populations.

Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test™, 2nd Ed.

The RIST-2 is ideal for identifying individuals who may need a more comprehensive assessment of intelligence in a variety of settings. The RIST-2 is useful when a global estimate of intelligence is all that is needed.

Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, 2nd Ed.

The RIAS-2 is a comprehensive intelligence test, that provides the necessary information to help clinicians make decisions regarding classification, selection, and educational placement.

Live, Free & On-Demand Webinars
New Webinar Registration Available – Neuropsychology of Written Disorders: Evidenced-Based Interventions

New Webinar With Dr. Steven G. Feifer
Format: 90-Minute Live Webinar
When: 12:00 – 1:30 CST, Friday, September 23, 2022
Cost: $This webinar will explore the neuropsychological underpinnings of the written language process, and the use of evidenced-based interventions to remediate writing disorders in children.

About The Presenter, Dr. Steven G. Feifer D. Ed., ABSNP
Dr. Steven G. Feifer, D. Ed., ABSNP is an internationally respected school psychologist, speaker, and author. His work has furthered the understanding and application of neuropsychological assessment and intervention strategies. Dr. Feifer’s books on the Neuropsychology of Reading, Writing, and Math are considered essential tools when it comes to identifying children with learning disabilities.

Free Recorded Webinar – “Using PSW to Identify Specific Learning Disabilities”
Presenter: Dr. Milton Dehn
The purpose of this webinar is to help attendees understand the rationale, procedures, and benefits of using the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) method to identify SLD. The workshop reviews PSW models, criteria, and procedures. The webinar includes an overview of the Psychological Processing Analyzer (PPA), which is Dehn’s PSW software.

Free Recorded Webinar Assessment of Orthographic ProcessingFree Recorded Webinar – “Assessment of Orthographic Processing”
The surface type of dyslexia is characterized by poor orthographic processing, which can include difficulties with spelling, sight word recognition, slow reading rate, and difficulty decoding irregular words. Orthographic processing occurs in the fusiform gyrus. Dr. Milton Dehn discusses orthographic processing and his assessment recommendations in a free recorded 11-minute webinar.

Updates for Practitioners - EF and ADHD

2022 SES Webinar Series
Psychologist Dr. Milton J. Dehn, discusses the increasing awareness of weaknesses in Executive Functions most likely to be deficient or delayed in children with ADHD.

Measuring Contextual Reasoning in Diverse Learners

2022 SES Webinar Series
Free – New webinar featuring Carl Romstad, ED.S., School Psychologist and Licensed Special Education Director. Hosted by Dr. Milton J. Dehn

Early Identification of Children with Dyslexia

2022 SES Webinar Series
Early Identification of Dyslexia by Dr. Milton J. Dehn
This webinar explains the definitions, characteristics and types of dyslexia. Originally Published March 11, 2022

New Updated 2nd Edition of the Test of Orthographic Competence Now Available!

2nd Ed. of the Test of Orthographic Competence Published!

Learn about the new (July 2022) 2nd Edition of the Test of Orthographic Competence!

1st Ed. Test of Orthographic Competence supplies!

For a limited time, supplies for the 1st Edition TOC are still available.
Reynolds Dyslexia Risk Assessment Resources

Get More Information on the RDRA

Assessment can be completed remotely
Online parent and teacher norm-referenced rating forms
Efficient group screening
Completion time typically less than 8 minutes

Reynolds Dyslexia Risk Assessment

Identify Dyslexia Risk Early
Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD
Rebecca Gerhardstein Nader, PhD

The (RDRA) is a screening measure that assess the risk of having or developing Dyslexia or a related reading disorder.

Free RDRA Introductory Webinar

Excellent reliability and validity
Provides score report with risk level classification
Strong correlations with WJ Achievement reading scores
Strong sensitivity and predictive power

2022 Top Tests & Assessments

BIMAS-2 Universal Screening & Assessment

Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System

BIMAS-2 identifies students at risk or in need of further assessment and progress monitoring. BIMAS-2 measures social, emotional, and behavioral functioning in children.

CPPS PF - Designed For Parents

Helping Parents Understand Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) Assessments

The Children’s Psychological Processes Scale Parent Form gives parents the ability to assess and monitor cognitive functions of a child referred for a SLD evaluation.
Helps parents identify and track a child’s SLD progress!

Looking Deeper With The New Haak-2

Haak-2 Cognitively Oriented Sentence Completion Task

Haak-2 is ideal for use with special ed students, other disabled populations with ED, ASD, ADHD, and/or with emotional impacts interfering with daily functioning.
New Haak-2 Webinar & PDF Added!

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About Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc.

Milton and Paula Dehn founded Schoolhouse Educational Services 20 years ago with the goal of supporting the education of children with disabilities. After several years of developing and providing interventions for children with learning disabilities, memory impairments, and executive functions delays, they began to author, develop, and publish psychological assessments.

Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc. publishes psycho-educational assessment products for psychologists, educators, speech therapists, and related professionals. Their innovative assessment tools include measures of cognitive, executive, neuropsychological, social-emotional, memory, and reading abilities. We also offer books, laminated guides, assessment training, and intervention materials to help special education teachers.