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New Memory Processes Analyzer (MPA) 3.0

Software for use with multi-battery assessment
Identifies the specific type of memory impairment
Identifies strengths and weaknesses across 13 working and long-term memory processes
Can be used for PSW and SLD identification
Includes report with narrative, graph, tables, and recommendations

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Memory Interventionist Class for 2019

A 36-hour, competency-based program in neuropsychological memory assessment and evidence-based methods that improve memory, learning, and daily functioning in individuals with memory problems.

2019 Class Schedule
Eight-hour webinar on Saturday, April 6
Eight-hour webinar on Saturday, May 4
Two-day on-site class in La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 21-22
Fall 2019 Two-Hour Assessment Supervision Webinar
Fall 2019 Two-Hour Intervention Supervision Webinar

Memory Interventionist Class Details & Registration

For details, contact Dr. Milton Dehn, the instructor,

Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement Test Training

A six-hour recorded training webinar by Dr. Dehn on the Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation of the WJ IV Tests of Achievement is available for $95. The webinar includes an overview of the scale, how to do selective testing for various disabilities, general administration and scoring rules, specific administration scoring rules for the tests/subtests, how to use the online scoring, and how to interpret the results on the score report.

For more details or to register for the WJ IV Achievement Test Training Click Here.

Coming in February!

Normative Update to the Kindergarten Diagnostic Instrument, Second Edition (KDI-2 NU) This comprehensive Kindergarten screening instrument for ages 4 through 6 has just been re-normed on a sample of 2,800 subjects.

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Neuropsychology Fundamentals For Educators

Neuropsychology Fundamentals For Educators
This four-page laminated reference guide provides educators with important information about brain structures and functions that are highly related with achievement and academic performance. The guide also includes basic information about the neuropsychology of cognitive processes, such as attention, memory, and executive functions. A centerpiece of the guide explains the brain basis of different types of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.
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Book of the Month

Helping Students Remember: Exercises and Strategies to Strengthen Memory (with CD-ROM) by Milton J. Dehn

Helping Students Remember: Exercises and Strategies to Strengthen Memory with CD-ROM

A hands-on memory-training program for children and adolescents featuring dozens of practical, evidence-based memory exercises. A practical workbook designed to assist students whose academic learning is suffering due to a memory deficit or ineffective utilization of their memory capabilities, Helping Students Remember provides numerous strategies and methods to strengthen memory, including chunking, organization, keyword, self-testing, pegword, loci, and mnemonics.

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