Memory Processes Analyzer (MPA)

Created by Milton J. Dehn
Published by Schoolhouse Educational Services, 2014-2016
The primary purpose of the MPA is to identify the specific memory processes that are impairing an individual’s memory performance. The Memory Processes Analyzer (MPA) program identifies statistically significant strengths and weaknesses among 11 memory processes. Five of the memory processes are working memory processes, and six of the processes are long-term memory processes.

  • Statistically analyzes scores from more than 30 test batteries
  • For use with selective, multi-battery testing
  • Analyzes strengths and weaknesses across 11 memory processes
  • Includes report with narrative, graphs, and tables
  • Allows unlisted composites and subtests to be entered
  • Allows a cognitive ability composite score to be used as the predictor

Memory Processes Included

  • Phonological Short-Term Memory
  • Visual-Spatial Short-Term Memory
  • Verbal Working Memory
  • Visual-Spatial Working Memory
  • Executive Working Memory
  • Long-Term Memory Verbal Recall
  • Long-Term Memory Visual-Spatial Recall
  • Long-Term Memory Encoding/Learning
  • Long-Term Memory Consolidation
  • Long-Term Memory Storage/Recognition
  • Long-Term Memory Retrieval Fluency

Memory Processes Analyzer Resources
Click Here To View an MPA Sample Report
$95.00 includes download and manual

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