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Divisions and Services

Professional Development For Educators, Psychologists & Special Education Teachers

Schoolhouse Educational Services provides continuing education and professional development through on-site workshops and webinars. The intended audience includes psychologists, school psychologists, special education teachers, and related professional who work with children who have developmental disabilities. The primary presenter is Dr. Milton Dehn who specializes in children’s memory problems and cognitive processing assessment.

Customized workshops and webinars for school districts, conferences, and other entities can be arranged by contacting Schoolhouse Educational Services. Current working memory and long-term memory webinars are available here.

New webinars will be be available on this website Summer (2012).

Psychological Test Development and Publication

Schoolhouse Educational Services develops and publishes standardized psychoeducational tests. All of these psychoeducational tests are entirely web-based, online tests sold only to qualified professionals. For an example, see the Children’s Psychological Processes Scale (CPPS).

Test authors wishing to submit a proposal should contact Schoolhouse Educational Services.

Publication and Sales of Professional Books

Schoolhouse Educational Services publishes and sells professional books for psychologists, school psychologists, special education teachers, and related professionals who work with youth. More than 200 titles are available.

To shop online go to the Schoolhouse Bookstore. Authors wishing to submit a book proposal should contact Schoolhouse Educational Services.

Memory Training

Memory training for youth with identified memory problems is available through Schoolhouse Tutoring®. Memory training includes brain-training exercises for short-term and working memory problems, as well as strategies for evidence-based long-term memory problems.

For older students outside of the La Crosse, Wisconsin area, memory training is available via Skype. For more information on working memory and long-term memory problems in children please visit the Schoolhouse Tutoring website.

ACT Workshops and Tutoring

Workshops and individual tutoring that prepare high school students for the ACT college entrance examination are available through Schoolhouse Tutoring®.

On-site, six-hour ACT workshops can be arranged for school districts. For students outside of the La Crosse, Wisconsin area, individualized ACT tutoring is available via Skype. ACT webinars will be available during the 2012-13 school year.

Academic Tutoring

Schoolhouse Tutoring® provides one-on-one tutoring for all ages in reading, math, written language, study skills, and all academic subjects.