Comprehensive Assessment of Memory Using the Memory Processes Analyzer


Recorded webinar featuring Dr. Milton Dehn

Format: Recorded Webinar
Presenter: Dr. Milton Dehn
Length: 3 Hours
Price: $75.00

Working and long-term memory weaknesses in youth impair academic performance and achievement. An in-depth understanding of a learner's memory strengths and weaknesses can lead to better student support and identification of learning disabilities.

This 3-hour webinar will discuss 13 specific memory processes and their relations with academic learning. After reviewing the neuropsychology of these memory functions, the workshop will focus on using the Memory Processes Analyzer (MPA) software to analyze and identify strengths and weaknesses among memory processes, following a multi-battery assessment of memory.

The use of the MPA as a pattern of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) SLD identification tool will also be included.

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