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RISK 2 Printed Manual


RISKMAN | A multilevel approach to suicide risk assessment
RISK 2 Printed Manual

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RISKMAN | A multilevel approach to suicide risk assessment

The RISK 2 introduces an empirically based multi leveled approach to assessment by providing an interview component that includes a guided verbal response self-report, an ambivalence status assessment of Protective Factors and Reasons to Die/Live, and a 10-item suicide specific questionnaire. Identifying consistencies as well as discrepancies among the 3-levels of verbal self-reporting allows for greater congruency and clarity in estimating risk-level: Imminent Risk, High/Moderate Risk, and Low Risk.


Key Features

  • Age Range: 7 – 24 years of age.
  • Completion Time: Given the complexity and challenges often encountered in suicide assessment, a projected completion time in administering the RISK is completely at the discretion of the assessor and supporting staff. However, the RISK is designed for the assessor to achieve the most efficient means possible to confidently arrive at risk-level.
  • Risk Assessor Qualifications: Professional use of the RISK is recommended for individuals with a Master’s Degree in psychology, counseling, social work, school psychology, healthcare, education, school counseling, or related to the intended use of the RISK. Professionals with less training in suicide assessment must be provided direct oversight and supervision by trained staff.
  • Scoring: Manual/Interview.