Screening of Reading Readiness (SORR) Printed Manual


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SORRPRTMAN | SORR Printed Manual (Product #2100-0005)

The SORR is a norm-referenced, standardized screening instrument designed to assess reading readiness skills in young children. It can also be used to screen young children for dyslexia.
Authors: Daniel C. Miller & Deborah Hammond Budge
Published: 2003
Age Range: 4:0 – 6:11 years
Administration: Individual
Administration Time: 25 – 35 minutes
Number of Subtests: 7

SORR Printed Manual

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Rhyming Words in Context
  • Rhyming Words in Isolation
  • Identifying Sounds
  • Blending of Sounds
  • Verbal Memory
  • Verbal List Learning
  • Memory for Sentences
  • Verbal Fluency
  • Rapid Picture Naming
  • Print and Book Awareness