Essentials of Processing Assessment 3rd Edition


Essentials of Processing Assessment provides a systematic framework for planning, conducting, and interpreting an assessment of psychological processes, particularly from a pattern-of strengths-and-weaknesses (PSW) perspective. This highly practical guide reviews key cognitive processing theories, describes how to apply a PSW model for specific learning disability (SLD) identification, and presents detailed information on the evaluation of 14 psychological processes and their relation to academic achievement.

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Essentials of Processing Assessment, Third Edition

By Dr. Milton J. Dehn
The third edition of Essentials of Processing Assessment contains new and revised information about orthographic processing, neurological structures, memory processes, English Language Learners (ELL), achievement testing, Memory Processes Analyzer (MPA) software, and more. This edition also includes new and revised test batteries and scales, additional examples, recent research supporting PSW, and extensive online appendices with worksheets.

  • Covers different evidence-based interventions for various psychological processes
  • Demonstrates how to use testing and assessment data to gain a deeper understanding of psychological and academic functioning
  • Covers all essential aspects of processing assessment, including instrument selection and deficit identification
  • Offers step-by-step guidelines and worksheets that walk readers through the analysis and interpretation of test results

Includes online resources, such as reproducible assessment forms and analysis worksheets
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