The Brain Building Book for Ages 11 and older


SKU BBBPLUS110 | Using this book as a guide, your child will learn basic neuroanatomy, explore a growth-mindset metaphor for how brains change, and identify strategies to help with learning.

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The Brain Building Book for Ages 11+
Author: Dr. Liz Angoff
Format: 18 page Color Workbook
Packaging: 5-Pack

The Brain Building Book was written to parents and educators have a discovery discussion with a child about their learning differences.

  • The Brain Building Book is an 18-page color workbook designed to be used with children when their neuropsychological/cognitive test results are presented to them.
  • It’s easy to overwhelm a child at the assessment feedback session with all we’ve learned about them. The Brain Building Book helps kids ask their own assessment questions so that it’s easy to know what is most important to them, and what they are ready to hear.
  • The Brain Building Book contains vibrant, colorful illustrations with lots of room to write and draw on the pages, based on the child’s ideas, thoughts, and experiences.
  • Using a growth mindset-based metaphor for how the brain is constantly changing, The Brain Building Book helps build a shared vocabulary with the child for talking about strengths and challenges.
  • The Brain Building Book is also designed to give parents a concrete reference for the words we use to talk about their child’s profile. Parents report that having this language written down has been extremely helpful in those moments when their child hits a roadblock or needs help navigating a new challenge!