Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation of the WJ IV Tests of Achievement – Webinar


The webinar includes an overview of the scale, how to do selective testing for various disabilities, general administration and scoring rules, specific administration scoring rules for the tests/subtests, how to use the online scoring, and how to interpret the results on the score report.

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This recorded webinar teaches administration, scoring, and interpretation of all the WJ IV tests of achievement, with emphasis on the new tests and the changes from the WJ III. Administration and scoring details will be reviewed, with some opportunities for participants to practice scoring. How to do selective testing for specific learning disabilities (SLD) is included, along with reminders of the weaknesses typically displayed by students with SLD. After a demonstration of the online scoring procedures, there will be a review of standardized test scores and tips on interpreting the results found in the WJ IV score report.
A completion certificate is provided upon request.

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