Live Training | Using PSW & PPA To Identify SLD

Dr. Milton J. Dehn will be doing a live, all-day training workshop on using the PSW and PPA to identify SLD.

Location: Waco, Texas

USING PSW to Identify SLD

Presented By Dr. Milton J. Dehn

This workshop begins with the neuropsychology of 14 psychological and cognitive processes that are highly related with the development of specific academic skills. This is followed by the rationale and evidence-base for using a pattern of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) approach to the identification of SLD.

The workshop continues with procedures for conducting a multi-battery assessment of processes that combines cognitive scales, rating scales, and specific processing scales. This is followed by procedures for analyzing the data, interpreting the results, and determining the processing weaknesses that may be used for identification of specific learning disabilities.

Also included is a demonstration of the Psychological Processing Analyzer, software designed to identify statistically significant strengths and weaknesses following a multibattery assessment. The workshop concludes with an overview of evidence-based interventions for specific processing deficits.

A five-hour recorded training webinar by Dr. Dehn on Using PSW to Determine SLD is now available. This workshop begins by identifying neuropsychological processes that are highly related with specific academic skills, followed by a review of Dehn’s PSW model and his recommended criteria for SLD identification. The focus of the workshop is on PSW assessment procedures, including procedures for identifying statistically significant strengths and weaknesses when multi-battery test results need to be analyzed. Information about the Psychological Processing Analyzer (PPA) is also included. The workshop concludes with a brief review of evidence-based interventions for processing deficits. The cost is $75.

To purchase the five-hour recorded training webinar on “Using PSW to Identify SLD Click Here. ($75.00)

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