Early Identification of Dyslexia – Webinar


Format: Recorded Webinar
Presenter: Dr. Milton Dehn
Length: 1 hour, 40 minutes

This webinar discusses dyslexia definitions, characteristics, and legislation, including detailed information on orthographic processing. The emphasis is on dyslexia assessment strategies for young children.

Early Identification of Dyslexia

It is best to identify dyslexia early so that evidence-based treatment can begin early. When screening and assessing young children (ages 4-8) for dyslexia, it best to focus the assessment on the early cognitive predictors of reading development: phonemic awareness, orthographic processing, rapid automatic naming, verbal working memory, and oral language development. Parent and teacher rating scales might be used for initial screenings. For those identified as at-risk for dyslexia, direct testing might focus on the early cognitive predictors.

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