Early Identification of Dyslexia – Webinar


Format: Recorded Webinar
Presenter: Dr. Milton Dehn
Length: 3 hours
Updated: March 2023

This webinar discusses dyslexia definitions, characteristics, and legislation, including detailed information on orthographic processing. The emphasis is on dyslexia assessment strategies for young children.

Early Identification of Dyslexia

This 3-hour webinar begins by discussing dyslexia definitions, characteristics, and misconceptions, followed by a detailed discussion of phonological and orthographic processing. The focus then shifts to the neuropsychology of dyslexia, followed by assessment strategies, including using a pattern of strengths and weaknesses approach, and examples of relatively new dyslexia-specific measures. This is followed by recommendations for screening and evaluating young children for dyslexia and an introduction to a recently released, norm-referenced screener. Case studies and interventions, especially for orthographic processing are included.

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