Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, 2nd Ed – RIAS Kit


The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, 2nd Ed RIAS-2 Kit

  • Can be used as a stand-alone intellectual assessment or as part of a larger battery to diagnose specific disorders, such as intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities.
  • Has four core and two memory subtests.
  • Two supplemental speeded processing subtests (one verbal, one nonverbal) combine to create the Speeded Processing Index (SPI).
  • Requires low motor demand.
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The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, 2nd Ed RIAS-2 Kit
A comprehensive and cost-effective intelligence test, the RIAS-2 is a high-quality, reliable instrument that provides the necessary information to help clinicians make decisions regarding classification, selection, and educational placement. Individually administered, the RIAS includes a co-normed, supplemental measure of memory and is ideal for use in both educational and clinical settings. The RIAS-2 includes a two-subtest Verbal Intelligence Index (VIX), a two-subtest Nonverbal Intelligence Index (NIX), and a Composite Intelligence Index (CIX), created by combining the VIX and NIX scores. The CIX assesses overall general intelligence (g), including the ability to reason, solve problems, and learn. A Composite Memory Index (CMX) is derived from the two supplementary memory subtests, Verbal Memory and Nonverbal Memory. Verbal intelligence is assessed by measuring verbal problem solving and verbal reasoning where acquired knowledge and skills are important; nonverbal intelligence is assessed by measuring reasoning and spatial ability using novel situations and stimuli that are predominantly nonverbal. The RIAS-2 also provides a basic, overall measure of short-term memory skills (e.g., working memory, short-term memory, learning); measures recall in the verbal domain; and evaluates the ability to recall pictorial stimuli.
A Spanish version is available.

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