Comprehensive Trail-Making Test Second Edition Complete Kit


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The Comprehensive Trail-Making Test Second Edition Complete Kit is a standardized assessment that uses five visual search and sequencing tasks, called trails, that are heavily influenced by attention, concentration, resistance to distraction, and cognitive flexibility (or set-shifting).

CTMT-2 Description

Author: Cecil Reynolds
Purpose: Assess brain injury and other forms of central nervous system compromise
Ages: 8 – 79 years
Format: Paper and pencil
Published: 2019
Administration Time: 5 – 15 minutes
Qualification Level: C

CTMT-2 New Features

An updated normative sample is reflective of 2017 U.S. Census data for ages 8 through 79 years.
Two new composite indexes, Inhibitory Control (composed of Trails 1–3) and Set Shifting (Trails 4–5), are included in addition to the Total Composite Index (Trails 1–5). These indexes add clinical richness and assist both clinicians and researchers in evaluating the source and implications of low scores on the CTMT-2.

CTMT-2 Technical Information

The CTMT-2 was normed on a sample of 1,904 participants from 38 states. Its raw scores (the time it takes complete each trail in seconds) are converted to T scores having a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10. The three composite scores can be derived by pooling the T scores from the individual trails.

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