Executive Functions Assessment and Intervention

Presented by Dr. Milton J. Dehn

Executive functions include self-regulation skills, self-realization, and self-determination. Well-developed executive functions play an essential role in academic learning and performance, as well as in social and intrapersonal functioning.

A three-hour recorded webinar is available for $75. The recorded workshop proposes an in-depth, neuropsychological approach to executive functions assessment that goes beyond simple rating scales. The presentation includes a review of the new McCloskey Executive Functions Scale (MEFS).

The workshop also includes information on evidence-based interventions that address specific executive weaknesses. After purchasing the webinar and before viewing it email milt@psychprocesses.com to obtain a copy of the PowerPoint and other handouts that can be printed before viewing the webinar.

To purchase the recorded Executive Functions Assessment and Intervention Webinar, Click Here. ($75.00)

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