Examinees Needed for Norming New Tests

We need volunteers (PAID) to help us norm new tests

Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc., a publisher of innovative, standardized psychoeducational tests needs more examinees for norming new tests. You can help by volunteering your own children or referring the children of relatives, friends, social groups, and acquaintances. If you are employed by a school, you may also make arrangements with the school to recruit examinees. For each test completed by someone you refer, you will receive $10.

Here are the main details:

  • These are individually administered tests.
  • These tests are for children ages 4-19.
  • These tests involve reading, reasoning, and processing speed.
  • Examinees are paid $30 (through their parents) for each test they complete.
  • The tests typically 45-60 minutes to complete.
  • All testing is conducted virtually over Zoom; there is no in person testing.
  • Examinees complete the tests while they are at home.
  • Testing is scheduled at times that are convenient for the parents and children.
  • For children 8 years and younger, parent assistance is needed during testing.
  • This testing is ongoing; there is currently no deadline.
  • The tests are administered by qualified examiners.
  • Parents will need to give informed consent.

Nearly all children are qualified to take these tests, including those with disabilities.

Payments are made at the beginning of each month.

How to refer a volunteer for norm testing

To refer families or children:

  • Send in a Parent’s or Guardian’s names and email addresses.
  • Parents or Guardians will then be mailed an informed consent form and asked to provide basic demographics on each child.

For more information contact: info@SchoolhouseEducationalServices.com