SES September 2021 Newsletter Summary

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Haak Sentence Completion, Second Edition Coming in October

Haak-2 provides important information about the examinee that objective measures do not.
The Haak-2 is a cognitively oriented sentence completion task wherein examinees complete a sentence stem with their own thoughts. The Haak-2 provides a deeper understanding of the thought processes of children and youth and how they react emotionally and cognitively to their world. The examinee’s responses are recorded on an app which then re-groups the responses by theme.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be part of a comprehensive assessment
  • Complements objective behavior rating scales
  • Can be administered orally or in writing
  • deal for use with special education and other disabled populations</li
  • Use Link Below To Learn More about Haak-2</li

Learn More About Haak-2

Using PSW in SLD Evaluations?

Identifying a student’s pattern of strengths and weaknesses should be easy.
Let Dr. Dehn’s Psychological Processing Analyzer (PPA) do the work for you. PPA Version 8.6 was released in August.

Get the Psychological Processing Analyzer Now!

The Brain Building Book

Author: Liz Angoff
The Brain Building Book is an 18-page color workbook designed to be used with children when their neuropsychological/cognitive test results are presented to them. Using a growth mindset-based metaphor for how the brain is constantly changing, The Brain Building Book helps build a shared vocabulary with the child for talking about strengths and challenges.

The Brain Builder Book Details & Pricing

Laminated Guide Bundle Offer

Laminated Reference Guide Bundle on Dyslexia Interventions
· Dyslexia Strategies, Supports, and Interventions
· Basic Reading Skills Interventions for Struggling and Dyslexic Readers

Dyslexia Laminated Guide Bundle Offer
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