Is Anyone In School?

With K-12 school attendance in a state of flux due to COVID 19, we are wondering if anyone is back in school full time or even part time. We would like to hear from you if you work at or know of a school where children are receiving in-person instruction at least 50% of the time. We are looking for schools where we might collect standardization data for new rating scales that are being developed, but we need subjects who are actually attending school.

If you would like to help, please send an email to

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Have You Tried Teleassessment?

With so many students out of school and referrals piling up, many practitioners are considering remote testing (teleassessment). This raises many issues and concerns. To address these,  the School Neuro Psych website is offering a special, free Teleassessment webinar.

Not Able to Test Remotely?

If you are not able to directly test students remotely with traditional, performance-based tests, then Rating Scales that have been standardized for online assessment are an option you might consider. Schoolhouse Educational Services offers several scales that can be used for online assessment:

Cognitive Processing Abilities: Children’s Psychological Processes Scale, Normative Update (CPPS NU)
Get More Details On The CPPS NU

Executive Functions: McCloskey Executive Functions Scale (MEFS)
Get More Details On The MEFS

Dyslexia Risk in Young Children: Reynolds Dyslexia Risk Assessment (RDRA)
Get More Details on the RDRA

Social-Emotional Learning: The Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System (BIMAS-2)
Get More Details On BIMAS-2 and SEL

Speech Articulation: Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery (WCAB) Details
Get More Details On WCAB

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WJ IV Training Webinars

Do you have new staff who need training on the Woodcock-Johnson IV? Dr. Milton Dehn offers live and recorded training webinars on the WJ IV Cognitive, Achievement, and Oral Language batteries.

– Recorded webinar details can be viewed here!

For live webinar training options contact:

Email Dr. Dehn For Free KDI-2 PDF – Kindergarten Screening

The Normative Update to the Kindergarten Diagnostic Instrument, Second Edition is now complete. Email for a free PDF of the manual to review.

– For More Details On the KDI-2

Book Of The Month – October 2020

The Neuropsychology of Stress and Trauma by Steven Feifer
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