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Testing In the Era of COVID-19

A new speech articulation test designed for computerized administration allows testing examinees in a remote location.

Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery – WCAB

With Zoom, Google Meet, and similar platforms the examinee in the remote location views only the WCAB examinee stimuli while you administer the WCAB from the examiner screen.
For example, in the split screen below the examinee sees only the image of the pig while the examiner is administering and scoring the test from the screen on the left.

image telepractice testing Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery

Benefits to Using the WCAB in Your Telepractice

  • It is designed for computerized administration.
  • It is easy to use with Zoom and similar platforms.
  • You score responses directly on your computer.
  • Immediate report with no additional scoring or coding.
  • No phonetic transcription required.
  • Report includes articulation error matrix and recommendations.
  • Report includes suggestions for parents to implement at home.
  • Both norm-referenced scores and criterion-referenced information.
  • Has screener, comprehensive, and adaptive testing options.
  • Very cost effective.

Woodcock-Camarata Articulation Battery Details

Authors: Richard Woodcock, Stephen Camarata, Mary Camarata
Ages: Norms for ages 2 – 90 years
Format: Computer-assisted administration, scoring, and report
Administration: 10 – 30 minutes depending on administration mode
Content: 71 phonemes, including consonants, vowels, and blends
Subtests: Diagnostic Articulation, Word Intelligibility, Isolated Phonemes

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