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$19.9510 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques WorkbookWehrenbergN1201
$24.951001 Great Ideas for Teaching Children with Autism, RevisedNotbohmFH1610
$395.00Academic Achievement Battery Comprehensive Print KitMesserP1651
$140.00Academic Achievement Battery Screening Print KitMesserP1652
$34.95ADHD Book of Lists, Second Edition RiefW1516
$16.95ADHD Workbook for KidsShapiroNH1092
$15.95ADHD Workbook for TeensHonos-WebbNH1123
$14.95All Cats Have Asperger SyndromeHoopmanK110
$14.95All Dogs Have ADHDHoopmanK101
$15.95Anger Workbook for TeensLohmannNH1093
$16.95Anxiety Survival Guide for TeensShannonNH1511
$16.95Anxiety Workbook for KidsNH1611
$14.95Anxiety Workbook for TeensSchabNH1002
$16.95A Still Quiet Place for Teens: A Mindfulness Workbook to Ease StressSaltzmanNH1637
$16.95Autism Playbook for TeensMcHenryNH1406
$29.95Behavior Intervention without TearsJohnstonR1502
$14.95Beyond the Blues: Workbook for Teen DepressionSchabNH901
$16.95Bipolar Workbook for Teens: DBT Skills to Control Mood SwingsVan DijkNH1123
$16.95Body Image Workbook for TeensTaylorNH1411
$29.95Boosting Executive Skills in the Classroom: A Practical GuideCooper-KahnJB1301
$14.95Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up: Help ?. Slow Processing SpeedBraatenG1519
$16.95Bullying Workbook for TeensLohmannNH1302
$385.00Child and Adolescent Memory Profile Introductory Test Kit (ChAMP)ShermanP1509
$24.95Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology Made Simple, 3rd Ed.PrestonNH1508
$59.00Children's Psychological Processes Scale (CPPS) ManualDehnSES3
$175.00Children's Psychological Processes Scale Kit with Digital ManualDehnSES1
$195.00Children's Psychological Processes Scale Kit with Printed ManualDehnSES2
$39.99Common Sense Guide to the Common CoreMcKnightFS1401
$16.95Communication Skills for TeensSkeenNH1638
$14.95Concussion: A Practical Guide for Educators (Laminated Guide)GoldmanCPGE
$17.95Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for TeensUmbachNH1507
$17.95Cool, Calm, and ConfidentSchabNH1094
$32.95Coping with Cliques (With CD)SpragueNH951
$26.95Cowboys Count, Monkeys Measure, & Princesses Problem SolveWilburneB1406
$29.95Data Without Tears, Second EditionJohnstonR1503
$40.00Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Assessment and InterventionGreshamG1518
$32.95Divorce Workbook for Children (professional edition with CD)SchabNH101
$16.95Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for TeensVan DijkNH1106
$16.95Don't Pick on Me: Help Kids Stand Up and Deal with BulliesGreenNH1008
$35.00DSM-5 Diagnosis in the SchoolsTobinG1513
$34.95Educator's Handbook for Inclusive School PracticesCaustonB1602
$35.00Emotions, Learning, and the BrainImmordino-YangN1505
$44.00Essentials of ADHD Assessment for Children and AdolescentsSparrowW1402
$55.00Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Dis.KilpatrickW1509
$44.00Essentials of Autism Spectrum Disorders AssessmentSaulnierW1203
$49.00Essentials of Child and Adolescent PsychopathologyWilmhurstW1410
$44.00Essentials of Dyslexia Assessment and InterventionMatherW1111
$55.00Essentials of Executive Functions AssessmentMcCloskeyW1205
$55.00Essentials of Intellectual Disability Assessment and InterventionBrueW1631
$44.00Essentials of NEPSY-II AssessmentKemp, KorkmanW1022
$55.00Essentials of Planning, Selecting, & Tailoring InterventionsMascoloW1311
$55.00Essentials of Processing Assessment, 2nd Ed. DehnW42
$55.00Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment, 2nd Ed.MillerW45
$44.00Essentials of Specific Learning Disability IdentificationFlanagan, AlfonsoW1064
$44.00Essentials of WJ IV Tests of AchievementMatherW1412
$44.00Essentials of WJ IV Cognitive Abilities AssessmentShrankW1632
$55.00Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and InterventionDehnW1526
$16.95Executive Functioning Workbook for TeensHansenNH1307
$32.00Executive Skills and Reading Comprehension: A Guide for EducatorsCartwrightG1602
$46.95Experiential Activities for Enhancing Emotional IntelligenceGoldsmithR1501
$16.95Express YourselfRobertsNH1506
$445.00Feifer Assessment of Mathematics Comprehensive Test KitFeiferP1601
$465.00Feifer Assessment of Reading Comprehensive Test KitFeiferP1506
$16.95Finding Sunshine After the StormMcGee, HolmesNH1011
$16.95Gender Quest Workbook for TeensTestaNH1640
$15.95Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life for TeensBaileyNH1631
$16.95Getting Through My Parents' DivorceBakerNH1520
$54.95Girls Growing in Wellness & Balance: Yoga & Life Skills to EmpowerCook-Cottone, KaneSH1202
$65.00Helping Students Remember (with CD)DehnW1108
$16.95Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety/School RefusalEisen, EnglerNH1003
$52.00Homework, Organization, and Planning Skills ManualLangbergNA01
$16.95How to Like Yourself: A Teen's GuideBradshawNH1641
$40.00Human Brain Book, 2nd Ed. (Illustrated Guide with DVD)CarterD1109
$16.95I Bet I Won't FretSisemoreNH1141
$34.95IEP Checklist: Your Guide to Creating Meaningful & Compliant IEPsWintermanB1409
$16.95I'm Not Bad, I'm Just MadShapiroNH902
$14.95Inside Asperger's Looking OutHoopmanJK1309
$40.00Integrated Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Blening RTI and PBISMcIntoshG1608
$14.95Integrated School Neuropsychology/CHC Conceptual Model (laminate)MillerS1609
$57.95Integrating Neuropsychological and Psychological EvaluationsReinstein, BurauTF1501
$85.00Intelligent Testing with the WISC-VKaufmanW1602
$39.95Intensive Phonological Awareness ProgramSchueleB1410
$35.00Interpersonal Neurobiology of PlayKestlyN1507
$59.95Interventions for Reading Success, 2nd EditionHaagerB1412
$21.95Invisible Classroom: Relationships, Neuroscience, & MindfulnessOlsonN1506
$19.95Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger's, Tourette's?KutscherJ1404
$300.00Kindergarten Diagnostic Instrucment-2, Scoring Program LicenseMiller5050
$45.00Kindergarten Diagnostic Instrument-2, Pkg 25 Student Test BooksMiller2000
$275.00Kindergarten Diagnostic Instrucment-2, Test KitMiller1000
$65.00Kindergarten Fun Book, Pkg 25Miller3000
$16.95Knowing Yourself, Knowing OthersCooperNH1095
$16.95Learning to Listen, Learning to CareShapiroNH1201
16.95Let's Be FriendsShapiroNH1015
$60.00Long-Term Memory Problems in Children and AdolescentsDehnWD03
$16.95Making Sense of Your SensesAuer, AuerNH1091
$175.00McCloskey Executive Functions Scale (Teacher) Kit (Digital Manual)McCloskeySH1501
$195.00McCloskey Executive Functions Scale (Teacher) Kit (Printed Manual)McCloskeySH1502
$42.95Medication Fact Sheets, 5th Edition (includes CD ROM)KonopasekR1401
$95.00Memory Processes Analyzer 2.0DehnSES5
$16.95Mindful TeenDzungNH1505
$19.95Mindfulness for Teachers: Skills for Peace & Productivity in ClassroomJenningsN1504
$16.95Mindfulness for Teen AngerPurcellNH1407
$15.95Mindfulness for Teen AnxietyWillardNH1408
$16.95Mindfulness for Teen DepressionAbblettNH1641
$32.95Modifying Schoolwork, 3rd EditionJanneyB1405
$16.95My Feeling Better WorkbookHamilNH1410
$29.95Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Definitive Guide for EducatorsVargoN1501
$40.00Neuropsychological Report WritingDondersG1601
$12.95Neuropsychology Fundamentals for Educators (Laminated Guide)FeiferNFFE
$39.95New Social Story Book, Revised and ExpandedGrayFH1513
$34.95Number Sense InterventionsJordanB1407
$14.95Overcoming Anxiety in Children and TeensBakerFH1512
$16.95Panic Workbook for TeensKissenNH1510
$16.95Perfectionism Workbook for TeensDoboszNH1609
$35.00Power of Peers in the Classroom: Enhancing Learning & Social SkillsHarrisG1607
$40.00Promoting Academic Success with English Languare LearnersAlbersG1517
$35.00Promoting Successful Transition to Adulthood for Students with DisabMorganG1606
$65.00Psychological Assessment Culturally & Linguistically Diverse ChildrenGeva, WienerSP1501
$139.00Psychological Processing Analyzer 5.0 (Software Download)DehnS1501
$55.00Psychological Report Writing AssistantGroth-MarnatW1401
$16.95PTSD Workbook for TeensPalmerNH1205
$26.95Recognize, Respond, ReportErnspergerB1605
$16.95Relationship Skills 101 for TeensVan DijkNH1504
$16.95Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook for KidsShapiroNH1096
$90.00Risk Identification Suicide Kit (Assessment Product)SchmidtIS1609
$16.95Say Goodbye to Being ShyBrozovichNH1142
$34.95School Psychologist's Survival GuideBranstetterW1113
$15.95Self-Esteem Workbook for TeensSchabNH1301
$16.95Self-Help Guide for Teens with DyslexiaWintonJK1509
$16.95Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen GirlsLohmannNH1642
$21.95Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook (Adults)ShannonNH1212
$16.95Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for TeensShannonNH1211
$37.50Social Neuroscience of Education: Optimizing Attachment & LearningCozolinoN1502
$32.95Social Success Workbook for Teens (with CD)CooperNH1015
$34.95Solution-Focused Workbook for Grades K-12SaracinoSH1201
$42.95Special Educator's ToolkitGoldenB1606
$19.50Special Needs School Survival GuideKoscinskiFH1609
$19.95Starving the Anger GremlinCollins-DonnellyJK1208
$19.95Starving the Anxiety GremlinCollins-DonnellyJK1301
$19.95Starving the Stress GremlinCollins-DonnellyJK1302
$16.95Stopping the Pain: A Workbook for Teens Who Cut and Self-InjureShapiroNH0801
$15.95Stress Reduction Workbook for TeensBiegelNH1007
$35.00Supporting Behavior for School Success: A Step-by-Step GuideLaneG1603
$39.95Supporting Students with Emotional and Behavioral ProblemsKernB1603
$16.95Surviving the Emotional Roller Coaster: DBT Skills to Help TeensVan DijkNH1642
$39.99Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in Today's Classroom, 3rd EdWinebrennerFS1402
$30.00Teaching Reading Comprehension to Students with LD, 2nd EditionKlingnerG1604
$16.95Teen Girl's Survival GuideHemmenNH1516
$19.95The Loving Push: Helping Spectrum Kids Become Successful AdultsGrandin, MooreFH1661
$16.95Think Confident, Be Confident Workbook for TeensFoxNH1213
$16.95Transforming Stress for TeensMcCratyNH1641
$21.95Understanding Dyscalculia and Numeracy DifficultiesBabtieJK1510
$16.95What's Eating YouNelson, BennerNH1143
$49.95What Works with TeensRathboneNH1507
$16.95Why Did You Die?LeeuwenburghNH1013
$24.95Wiring the Brain for ReadingSprengerW1505
$125.00Woodcock-Johnson IV: Reports, Recommendations, and StrategiesMatherW1601
$65.00Working Memory and Academic Learning: Assessment/InterventionDehnW002
$12.95Working Memory in the Classroom (Laminated Guide)DehnWMCL
$56.95Working with Traumatic Brain Injury in SchoolsT1503
$39.95Your UDL Lesson PlannerRalabateB1601

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