Girls Growing in Well and Balance: Yoga and Life Skills To Empower


Girls Growing in Well and Balance: Yoga and Life Skills To Empower

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Girls Growing in Wellness and Balance: Yoga and Life Skills to Empower

This is the first published counseling prevention program to use yoga as one of the primary methods for promoting health and wellness among developing girls. This program is designed to teach girls how to live healthy and balanced lives that nurture the whole self by learning how to problem solve with both thoughts and feelings. Over the course of 10 years, the authors developed and refined this program in schools, after-school programs, yoga studios, and summer programs. Based on an adapted, preventative form of cognitive-behavioral and dialectic behavioral therapy for youth, this program is composed of 14 easy-to-follow, group sessions that integrate ideas, activities, and yoga for girls ages 9 – 18. Yoga is an important part of this program for developing children and adolescents because yoga practices promote psychological health by teaching coping skills and self-regulation. The manual has detailed descriptions of the yoga poses, and the CD-ROM includes photos that illustrate each pose and participant worksheets.

by Catherine Cook-Cottone and Linda S. Kane
November 2012, Paperback
Paperback: Approximately 175 pages
Binding: Spiral
Additional Materials: CD with photos and reproducibles
Publisher: Schoolhouse Educational Services (November, 2012)
Language: English
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