Disconnect and Connect: Seven Practical Steps to Reduce Students’ Technology Dependence – Laminated Guide

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SKU DNC7STPLAM | Guide on decreasing a student’s dependence on technology impacting academics, social interactions, physical or mental health.

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Disconnect and Connect: Seven Practical Steps to Reduce Students’ Technology Dependence
Format: Laminated Reference Guide
Authors: Amber Saracino, Raina Radulov
Length: 6 pages, 8 x 11 inches
Publisher: Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc. 2020

This seven-step guide to decrease technology dependence may be beneficial when overuse of technology is impacting a student’s physical health, mental health, academic performance, and/or social interactions. Using the seven CONNECT strategies to develop an Individual Technology Reduction Plan (ITRP) can help students connect and create balance in their lives.

Creating an ITRP can also help students become more accountable and self-aware and may decrease technology usage. The ITRP may be initiated by the student, a parent, a teacher, or a service provider. The seven CONNECT steps are designed to decrease technology usage by helping students gauge and monitor their level of technology dependence, co-create an Individual ITRP, implement the ITRP, and monitor their progress.