Concussion Guide For Educators – Laminated Guide


CGUIDELAM Concussion – A Practical Guide For Educators – Laminated Classroom Guide

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Concussion – A Practical Guide For Educators

This six-page reference guide, which draws from various sources, provides educators and other school professionals with information and tools for implementing best practice strategies and interventions when working with concussed students during their school re-entry and stages of recovery. It also is intended to provide support for educators charged with the responsibility of instructing these students.
The topics included in the guide are:

  • Understanding concussion
  • Recognizing symptoms
  • Responding to symptoms: A team approach
  • Return to school
  • Return to learn progression
  • School adjustments, accommodations, and modifications
  • Return to play
  • Assessment and diagnostic tools
  • General resources (websites) and references
  • Legislation

Format: Laminated Reference Guide
Authors: Tina K. Goldman and Roni Kramer
Length: 6 pages, 8 x 11 inches
Publisher: Schoolhouse Educational Services, Inc.
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