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Working Memory In The Classroom Reference Guide


Working Memory In The Classroom Reference Guide

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Working Memory In The Classroom Reference Guide

his four-page laminated reference guide is packed with valuable information for teachers, parents, psychologists, and related professionals. Working memory (WM) has a strong influence on all aspects of scholastic learning and performance. Students with a working memory deficit are at a high risk for learning disabilities. This guide explains the relationships working memory has with all types of academic learning. It then provides details on several evidence-based working memory interventions.

The topics included in the guide are:

  • WM Incorporates Short-Term Memory and Consists of Five Components
  • WM Capacity and Duration are Very Limited
  • Too Much Cognitive Load Reduces Learning and Performance
  • WM, Executive Functions, and Attention are Related but Different
  • WM Deficits Cause Learning Disabilities
  • WM is Necessary for Academic Learning
  • Observing Classroom WM Problems
  • Risk Factors for WM Impairments
  • WM Interventions
  • Reducing Cognitive Load
  • A WM Strategy: Rehearsal
  • Face-to-Face WM Exercises
  • Classroom Accommodations and Support
  • WM Training Impact on the Brain
  • Internet-Based Training for WM
  • References and Resources

Format: Laminated Reference Guide
Author: Milton J. Dehn
Length: 4 pages, 8 x 11 inches
Publisher: Schoolhouse Educational Services, LLC, 2014
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